CERT is a multidisciplinary team of over 15 researchers based at the University of Toronto in Canada. We have a diverse background spanning chemistry, materials science, physics, photonics, and electrical engineering.

We work to address key challenges in the field of renewable energy. Our group has certified 7 world-record efficiency quantum-dot solar cells, and remains a leader in solar-harvesting technology broadly. Our work on addressing the need for carbon-neutral fuel systems has focused on the efficient reduction of atmospheric CO2 into usable carbon products.

We have developed record performance catalysts for the reduction of CO2 into useful products, and the evolution of O2 from H2O—two key reactions needed to realize this goal.

We are Finalists (1 of 10 globally) in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize, a $20M Prize competition to capture and convert the most CO2 into a useful product.

Team Members

Co-Founders and Principle Investigators
Ted Sargent | University Professor, VP International
David Sinton | Professor, Canada Research Chair

Alex Ip | Business Partnerships & Commercialization
Phil De Luna | Catalyst Research & Development
Cao-Thang Dinh | Device Engineering & Scale Up
Thomas Burdyny | Manufacturing & Cell Design

Oleksandr Bushuyev
Jonathan Edwards
Md Golam Kibria
Pelayo Garcia de Arquer
Christine Gabardo